A New Direction


The days are getting shorter again, the sun setting earlier, and the leaves on the trees are waking into a blaze of color on the eve of their demise. I’ve been searching my soul for some time now to dicover what I truly want in my life, and with a humbling sigh I know what it is: To write, to create art, and to express my true self.

No more hiding in corporate cubicles, the monotony dimming the light in my eyes and the fire in my heart. No more aimless drifting in my own head, letting fear shape my destiny. No, it’s time to be authentic and real, even if it is raw, dark, and unseemly. I’ve been the good daughter, steadfast employee, respectable citizen, and I have remained wholly unseen for who I am. Close friends and family know me, but now it’s time to open up further, deeper, and to share my writing with the world.

My dream is to be a successful published author. I’ve succeeded in publishing one novel myself, and now I’m stepping up to the challenge of making my dream into my reality, and I’m ready to become the author I know I am capable of being.

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